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Aprovais, pois, o Tratado de Lisboa.

por FJV, em 08.06.08

Reparem na notícia:

«A Eurocrats-only express service will be launched next month to ferry MEPs and officials in luxury at 186mph between one European parliament in Brussels and the other in Strasbourg. The buffet car will, of course, be fully stocked.

The Strasbourg Express will leave Brussels for the first time at 9.57am on Monday, July 7. Each return journey will cost the taxpayer about £158,000, but the fare-paying public will be banned. MEPs will pay £170 for a return ticket, but will then be reimbursed.

“The public will not be able to buy tickets or use this train,” said Thalys, the high-speed train operator that will run the service.

While ordinary passengers make do with a rickety scheduled service known as “the cattle truck”, which has no refreshments, Eurocrats can enhance the enjoyment of their journey with a choice of fine French, Australian and Chilean wines.
Whether gravy will actually be served is a moot point, but along with popular Belgian beers, savoury snacks will be on offer.
Every month, when the European parliament moves to Strasbourg, the “train of shame” will leave Brussels on a Monday, returning the following Thursday, with up to 377 MEPs and officials travelling each way in three spacious carriages. It is widely seen in Brussels as a gimmick to boost the French, whose insistence on maintaining the second parliament in Strasbourg makes such journeys necessary in the first place.»


Claro que o cidadão europeu não tem a clarividência necessária para compreender isto.

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De Dorean Paxorales a 08.06.2008 às 13:38

A birra é francesa e deveriam ser eles a pagá-la. Na impossibilidade política de tal, espera-se que o comboio a substitua a intensa ponte aérea que existe por ora. Os luxos a bordo não passam de engodo para encorajar a troca.

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