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por FJV, em 28.08.05
||| A single glance at the landscape.
«DECEMBER 17th, 1832. -- Having now finished with Patagonia and the Falkland Islands, I will describe our first arrival in Tierra del Fuego. A little after noon we doubled Cape St. Diego, and entered the famous strait of Le Maire. We kept close to the Fuegian shore, but the outline of the rugged, inhospitable Statenland was visible amidst the clouds. In the afternoon we anchored in the Bay of Good Success. While entering we were saluted in a manner becoming the inhabitants of this savage land. A group of Fuegians partly concealed by the entangled forest, were perched on a wild point overhanging the sea; and as we passed by, they sprang up and waving their tattered cloaks sent forth a loud and sonorous shout. The savages followed the ship, and just before dark we saw their fire, and again heard their wild cry. The harbour consists of a fine piece of water half surrounded by low rounded mountains of clay- slate, which are covered to the water's edge by one dense gloomy forest. A single glance at the landscape was sufficient to show me how widely different it was from anything I had ever beheld. At night it blew a gale of wind, and heavy squalls from the mountains swept past us. It would have been a bad time out at sea, and we, as well as others, may call this Good Success Bay.» Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle.

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De Anónimo a 09.09.2005 às 00:35

Oh laurindinha............também tú? não sabes português? mas olha que quem te pôs o nome é, de certeza, bem português (já ouviste aquela canção dos Humanos?); ou não queres que ele -quem te pôs o nome- saiba o que escreveste?

Severino (não é o do mensalão!)
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De Francisco Curate a 03.09.2005 às 17:58

fantástico o seu regresso, Francisco. e o nome do blog é brilhante. abraço
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De Laurindinha a 29.08.2005 às 17:31

Best wishes for this "new thing"!

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