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por FJV, em 06.02.06
||| Guerra.
«I am for the absolute freedom of speech everywhere, and that’s why I call upon every free sole among Arabs to use the Danish flag as a substitute for toilet paper. To illustrate every wall with graffiti making fun of everything Europe holds as holy: dancing rabbis on the carcasses of Palestinian children, hoax gas-chambers built in Hollywood in 1946 with Steven Spielberg’s approval stamp, and Aids spreading fagots. Let us defend the absolute freedom of speech altogether, wouldn’t that be a noble cause?»

«Muslims and others in Europe can not say everything they often want to say and they risk being arrested and prosecuted if they do. Muslims and other religious people can not express their disgust from homosexuality and clearly state that they believe it’s a sickness and a deviation without being persecuted for being homophobic.»

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De Sérgio Aires a 06.02.2006 às 02:40

Bom, começo sinceramente a recear o pior. Quando se justificam estereótipos com estereótipos e xenofobias com xenofobias, estamos seguramente à beira de uma guerra.

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